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Old Car Haven is home to a collection of old and vintage Lincoln motor cars,including 1923 Lincoln Tourer, 1947 Lincoln Convertible, 1958 Lincoln Continental, 1963 Lincoln Continental and 1969 Lincoln Continental Mk2

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1923 Lincoln L 7 Seater Tourer

Henry Martin Leland started the Lincoln Company in 1920. This was a successor company to one with the same name started in 1917 by Leland and his son Wilfred. When WW I ended the demand for Liberty aircraft engines ceased and so with a modern factory but no product the Lelands raised capital and started producing cars.

The first Lincoln model L appeared late in 1920. Lincoln now faced a multi-million dollar tax claim for war profits so in 1921 Lincoln declared voluntary receivership and in 1922 sold out to the Ford Motor Company.

This 1929 Lincoln is one of only three known cars left. This was a sidevalve, V8 cylinder, 385 cubic inch, motor producing 90 hp. It featured 33 inch wheels, its top speed was 84 mph and was known as a 7 seater passenger touring car. The body was designed by Hermann Brunn and was a wooden frame covered with aluminium sheeting. The drive train was a "torque-tube drive" with a floating rear axle.

This car was fitted with jump seats and extra mirrors on the front windscreen so bodyguards had a better view behind.

It also featured a folding steering wheel called a "Fatboy steering wheel".
Security features included a gearlock on the gear lever as well as locks on the tool box inside the door panel and on the spare wheel, all working with the ignition key.

Henry Ford contributed to the fight against crime by fitting only police vehicles with front brakes. This gave police cars a 15 mph advantage over cars sold to the public without front brakes.

When a car went out of police possession the front brakes had to be removed.


1947 Lincoln V12 Convertible

This Lincoln Converible Coupe was the most expensive of the so called "Plain" Lincoln Spring Models. They were priced at $3,143 and weighed 4,245 lbs. The mechanical changes in late 1947 were few and mainly an increased engine output to 125 hp @ 3600 rpm

There were also improvements to the starter motor and generator.They had the same4.44/1 rear diff ratio that their former 292 cid 1946 models had. There were uncertainties on the introduction dates of new products introduction dates.

This resulted in the year part numbering system being a bit confusing until 1950.

So all new part components for the 1947 Spring Models had 1946 model prefixes.



This was the rarest of the Continental Mk III models with only 1,283 4xdoor sedans being built. They sold for $6,072 and the body designation was given to indicate the unique greenhouse, which was characerised by the following features. A recessed , reverse angled retractible backlight. Other than this its styling was that of a Model 53 Lincoln.

There were other features that set it apart such as the gold scripts "Continental III" on the fenders, rocker panel mouldings extending beyond the rear wheel openings,as well as a gold "C" mounted on the back pillar.

It also hd 14" Mark III wheelcovers.

This motor car was launched and promoted as a seperate make and model but the 1958 Continental was to all intents and purposes a Lincoln.
It was engineered and built by Lincoln and it also had the Lincoln Patent Vehicle Identification plate



The 1963 four door Lincoln Continental sedan had 28.305 cars built which sold for $6,270 ea.

There was an obvious style change to the front grill with a square pattern and a much wider upper moulding, to clear the headlights. The back grill had 8 verticle Lincoln stars.

The new 4 door Lincoln had more features such as a rear door open warning light, power vent windows, park and turning lights and a 6-way power front seat. This Lincoln had aluminium front brake drums and thicker brake linings.

The exhaust system was upgraded with larger pipes ans stainless-steel mufflers.
This model had rear seat radio speakers under the arm rests, as well as courtesy lamps and vinyl headlinings with a wide selection of interior trim combinations.



The Continental Mark III was the name officially given to the prestigious luxury Coupe car of Lincoln Mercury production. This model first appeared in 1968 but was promoted as a 1969 model and sold for $6,585. The vertical grill was a noticable style feature.

The style was characterised by a deck lid as well as a spare tyre motif on the back of the trunk. It also had a formal roof line with blind quarters, ventless curved side glass, bladed body sides and a hop up behind the back pillars.

It also had flared wheel wells and a cowl-hinged "powerdome" hood.The bodywork made use of zinc-coated steel with electro-coated primer.

The windshield wipers were hydraulic powered and it also had a flow through ventilation system with power retractible quarter windows.

Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929): 30th President of the United States of America.

Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929): 30th President of the United States of America.
Pictured here with his 1923 Lincoln town car

The aluminum-bodied sedan was bought for him when he was Vice President in May 1923. Although he became president the August
following Warren Harding's death, it's uncertain whether the car was used as his presidential motorcar.

This car, was shown at the Vermont History Expo in 2007.
In todays world it would be frowned upon as a non eco-friendly vehicle, as it only gets about eight miles to the gallon.


His 1920 Fourth of July speech delivered before he was nominated to run for Vice President, was one of the very first sound movies ever made.

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